Episode 035 – Put Up Or Shut Up

After having listened to KISS fans complain about the “same old stale setlist” we thought it would be fun to share what we each thought would be our ultimate KISS setlist. We set the limit at 20 songs. With more than 20 studio albums in their catalog, choosing just 20 songs is tougher than you think. What 20 songs would you choose?

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One thought on “Episode 035 – Put Up Or Shut Up

  1. Unholy
    King of Hearts
    Tears Are Falling
    Fits Like A Glove
    The Oath/Escape From The Island
    I Stole Your Love
    Got Love For Sale
    Take Me
    Makin Love
    Rock Bottom
    C’mon and Love Me
    Let Me Go, Rock and Roll
    Strange Ways
    100,000 Years
    Black Diamond
    Take It Off
    Psycho Circus
    Master & Slave

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