Episode 215 – EightBall

EightBall – Love Struck Album Cover

This week we talk with EightBall singer, Dave Bush, and guitarist, Chuck Gee, about their upcoming album LOVE STRUCK. We also discuss a little music news and album acquisitions before the interview.

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Episode 214 – Kansas

Episode 214 – Kansas

On this episode, we sit down with members of the iconic band Kansas to talk about their new record “Absence of Presence” coming out on June 26. They describe the album as “Dynamic” and after getting to hear and advanced copy, we all agree.

On Friday, April 17, Kansas released their newest song and music video for “Throwing Mountains”. Check it out here: https://youtu.be/HMOX5rSFb18

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Episode 212 – One Last Time with Andrew Sgambati

Andrew joins us again to talk about his fan film “One Last Time” and his journey to several different shows on KISS’ “End of the Road” tour.

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