Episode 300 – Ages of Rock Podcast Goes Triple Platinum

It took us almost 6 1/2 years but we’ve made it to our 300th episode. This week we take a look back at our favorite episodes and guests. We also talk about some of the friends we’ve made along the way and the fun things we got to do because of the show.

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Coming Soon – Episode 300

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Bill decided that taking a vacation was more important than podcasting so we are taking this week off. Next week we will be releasing our 300th episode and we’ll be sharing some of our favorite highlights over the last 299 shows. After that, we have several great shows lined up for you. We appreciate you and thank you for more than 6 years of fun and laughter!

Episode 299 – Ron Keel

Photo courtesy of https://ronkeel.com/

On our 299th episode we sit down again with The Metal Cowboy, Ron Keel. Always a great conversation, Ron talks about his new multi media company and his Movie and Music projects. Ron is never one for lack of words and always the gentleman. Visit his website and follow him on Patreon.

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Episode 298 – Terry McBride

Photo courtesy of Terry McBride

Ages of Rock has gone country! Bill and Allen spend some time with Terry McBride from McBride and the Ride. Terry has a long musical past that includes stints with Delbert McClinton, Stevie Ray Vaughn, his father, and his own band. He is working on new material and is recording in Peter Frampton’s studio in Nashville. There are some great stories and some fan moments for Bill.

Visit his website for social media links and more information about his music. https://www.terrymcbridemusic.com/

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