Episode 253 – Pump‪5

Photo courtesy of Pump5music.com

The guys from PUMP5 talk about writing and recording their new record “Paradise Place” and mayhem ensues. Here’s a few key words from the show: #toosoon #tossin #summerteeth #wafflestomp #givetilithurts and finally #pushinyourstool.

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Episode 249 – The Tummies

L to R: Judd Fuller, Philip Shouse, Dana Radford, Sandy Gennaro, and Jeremy Asbrock

In this episode, we had a fun discussion with Dana Radford, Judd Fuller, and Sandy Gennaro of The Tummies about their upcoming album “9:30 Girl” (among other things). Check it out!

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Episode 246 – Freddy Ordine

Photo taken from the official Weapons of Anew Facebook page

We’re starting 2021 off with some new tunes from Weapon Of Anew! The new single “Sick Boy” recently dropped. Guitarist Freddy Ordine shares information about the band, first record, the new single, and long awaited forthcoming album release.

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Episode 243 – Jacob Harper

Jacob Harper of Harper Guitars

We have a very special guest on the show this week, luthier Jacob Harper. Not only has he built fantastic guitars for many stars, he’s also built one for Dennis. He talks about how he became interested in building guitars AND we get the first peek at his first acoustic build.

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Episode 242 – Ricky Warwick

Ricky Warwick

Ricky Warwick joins Bill for a discussion about his new solo project “When Life was Hard and Fast” coming out February February 19, 2021. Ricky is the voice and songwriter behind Black Star Riders and The Almighty.

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