Episode 219 – Ken Tamplin

Ken Tamplin – Image courtesy of IMDB

So you think you’re a singer? Vocal coach Ken Tamplin joins us to discuss his YouTube Channel (that has over a million views) and the work he has done to help some of our favorite rock stars save their voices. It’s jam packed with some great conversation and education. Wind it up… here we go!

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Episode 218 – Ages of Rock Crowns the Stream King

Episode 218 – Ages of Rock Crowns the Stream King

Dennis invites Sonny “Hollywood” Pooni (Growin’ Up Rock Podcast & Podcast Rock City) and Steven Wright (Podder than Hell Podcast) over for PODCAST GAME NIGHT. For the first time ever we crown the Stream King. It’s not what you’re thinking… we are way to old for that!!

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Episode 217 – You Wanted The Best, You Got The Best

Bryan Harris, Bill Elam, and David Cathey join AoRP

A Tennesseean, a Buckeye, and 4 Hoosiers walk into a bar… (Stop me if you’ve heard this one before…)

The Ages of Rock crew are joined by three faithful listeners to join in on the insanity, and insanity certainly ensues. We’ve got Album Acquisitions, news about the KISS Kruise, PLUS-each participant brings their favorite song from each KISS album with newly released recordings. Some total KISS geekdom happens, some surprises, and a lot of fun!

Can 6 KISS fans agree on the best song from a record? Can 2 Bills figure out whose turn it is? Are there any more New England albums remaining out in the wild? Will Allen’s next project involve a symphony? And who the hell is Dennis Cathey, anyway?

Grab your KISS records, crack a beverage of choice (even if it’s blue Kool-Aid,) and join in on the fun!

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Episode 216 – Carl Canedy

Episode 216 – Carl Canedy

2020 has had some great new music but the new album Warrior, by Canedy, is fantastic. On this episode we are joined by drummer/producer Carl Canedy and frontman Mike Santarseiro to discuss how the band came together and the new chemistry that emerged.

Visit their website: https://canedyband.com

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