Episode 255 – POWERSLAVE’s Chris Dunnett

POWERSLAVE: The Iron Maiden Experience

This week we talk to Chris Dunnett of POWERSLAVE: The Iron Maiden Experience. We talk about how long the band has been around, how the band came to be, how they chose their setlist, and more. Enjoy this discussion, and one more thing … UP THE IRONS!!!

Visit their official website: https://powerslaveband.com/

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Episode 254 – Brian Forsythe

Brian “Damage” Forsythe

On this episode, we talk to Kix guitarist Brian “Damage” Forsythe. The conversation goes from the beginnings of Kix to being a Carnivore! Dennis gets his smoker talk on with a meat professional along with great music tidbits!

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Episode 253 – Pump‪5

Photo courtesy of Pump5music.com

The guys from PUMP5 talk about writing and recording their new record “Paradise Place” and mayhem ensues. Here’s a few key words from the show: #toosoon #tossin #summerteeth #wafflestomp #givetilithurts and finally #pushinyourstool.

Visit Pump5music.com for videos, news, photos, and more.

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