Episode 252 – Moving Pictures Album Anniversary Review

Rush’s Moving Pictures was released on February 12, 1981

Bill’s buddy and HUGE Rush fan Doug Sabotin joins us for a review of Moving Pictures which is celebrating 40 years. Some might say this record is a “Masterpiece”. What do you think??

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Episode 251 – The Wild, the Willing and the Innocent Album Anniversary Review

The Wild, the Willing and the Innocent Album Anniversary Review

Olympic Judo Silver Medalist Jason Morris returns to the show this week with UFO as his pick for an album anniversary review.

Visit Jason’s Digital Dojo!

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Episode 250 – The Ultimate Sin 35th Anniversary Revie‪w

Cover art by Boris Vallejo

This week we review Ozzy Osbourne’s “The Ultimate Sin” album, which was released 35 years ago this month. We also briefly touch on the upcoming ROCKNPOD Expo, Dennis gives an update on a guitar he recently bought and on his finger injury. Dennis and Bill also discuss this week’s album acquisitions.

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Episode 249 – The Tummies

L to R: Judd Fuller, Philip Shouse, Dana Radford, Sandy Gennaro, and Jeremy Asbrock

In this episode, we had a fun discussion with Dana Radford, Judd Fuller, and Sandy Gennaro of The Tummies about their upcoming album “9:30 Girl” (among other things). Check it out!

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