Episode 063 – The History of The Wrecking Crew, an Interview with Producer Denny Tedesco

The Wrecking Crew is a 2008 documentary film that covers the story of the Los Angeles-based group of session musicians known as the Wrecking Crew, famed for having played on numerous hit recordings throughout the 1960s. Filmmaker and producer Denny Tedesco talks about the putting the documentary together and his highs and lows throughout the journey. One person described this movie as “musician porn” and after this interview, we would agree. This has been a long time in the making and worth every second.

Allen’s wife Laura also gives her review of the Bon Jovi concert in Nashville, TN on February 18, 2017.

You can buy the Wrecking Crew DVD at www.wreckingcrewfilm.com and use the code AGESOFROCK to get a discount on the movie and anything else in the store.

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Episode 062 – A Chat With Kevin Book

In this episode we talk with Kevin Book, a good friend of both Dennis and Allen. Kevin talks about turning his hobby into a musical career in a few of his early bands such as MACH, Hot Ice, London, and BSR. He also talks about how BSR got the opening slot for the 1998 Motley Crue tour and what it was like to be backstage that day. Give a listen as Kevin reminisces about “back in the day” and also talks about when he knew he was ready to stop performing live.

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Episode 061 – Ages of Rock Talks Radio With Mike Sullivan

Tonight we talk with Mike Sullivan about the ins and outs of working in terrestrial radio, how things have changed over the years, the best songs to play when you have to poop, and why was John Cougar’s name on a local marquee for so long. Find out these answer and many more on this episode.

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