Episode 224 – KISS Unmasked 40th Anniversary Review

KISS Unmasked 40th Anniversary Review with Jason Herndon

Continuing our 40th anniversary reviews, this week we ask our friend Jason Herndon to join us and review Kiss Unmasked since Allen knows it’s one of Jason’s favorites! Lots of great talk about vinyl and for those saying that they like a longer show… well here you go!

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Episode 223 – Back in Black 40th Anniversary Review

Peter Cecere from I Love It Loudcast joins us to review Back in Black

Our buddy Peter Cecere from I Love It Loudcast joins for another 40th Anniversary album review and this week, Ladies and Gentlemen, we bring out one the most iconic records of all time … BACK IN BLACK. Trust us, not only is this album full of innuendos, so are the hosts. Fun stuff awaits!

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Episode 222 – Women and Children First 40th Anniversary Review

Episode 222 – Women and Children First 40th Anniversary Review

This week Ed Spangenberg from Klick Tee Shop joins us as we announce how much the proceeds from our t-shirt sales raised for No Kid Hungry. We also invited Ed to pick an album from 1980 to review. He chose Van Halen’s Women and Children First. Join us as we discuss this album along with our usual shenanigans.

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Episode 221 – Our Top 5 Worst KISS Lyrics

Craig Wright joins AoRP for this laugh filled episode!

Allen’s high school friend Craig Wright joins us this week as we pick our top 5 worst KISS lyrics. Heaven knows we’ve got plenty to choose from.

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Episode 220 – Brandon Fields

Brandon Fields joins us this week to talk about his new project that started out as one song with Jeremy Asbrock but turned into a whole album that also includes Matt Starr and Todd “Dammit” Kerns. The record drops in the fall and is going to be badass!!

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