Episode 211 – Moriah Formica

Being raised on 80s rock is always a form of good parenting. Moriah Formica proves it with some stellar performances on The Voice, American Idol, YouTube, and TikTok. Not only is she a great singer, she’s also a killer guitarist. Make sure to check her out after this episode.

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Episode 210 – Klick Tee Shop’s Ed Spangenberg

Episode 210 – Klick Tee Shop’s Ed Spangenberg

This week we are joined by Klick Tee Shop’s Ed Spangenberg to discuss the shirt he designed for us in a joint venture to raise money for the No Kid Hungry charity. He also talks about some of his other shirt designs.

Click to view and order: Classic T-Shirts, Long Sleeve Shirts, and Neck Gaiter

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Episode 209 – Quarantine House

House For Sale… The fellas get quarantined in houses with rock stars; even some dead ones!! They have to pick their favorite house, one they wouldn’t hang out in and create their very own party house!

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Episode 208 – Album Review: Cinderella’s Night Songs

This ain’t no Disney podcast! We’re going to discuss the Cinderella record Night Songs. Is it a turn it up, eh it’s not bad, or skip it? We cover each track and a few diversions and computer issues along the way. Hell. It’s just another Ages of Rock Podcast!

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