Episode 207 – Brian Durbin

Brian “Mick Jäger” Durbin of Hairbanger’s Ball

Bon Jovi, GNR, Dokken, Motley Crue… all sung by one guy! Brian Durbin of Hairbanger’s Ball, the ultimate 80’s tribute band, joins us on a musical journey. And yes, of course we discuss the Hottest band in the world…KISS!

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Episode 206 – One Hit Wonders

One Hit Wonders

This week, long time listener Craig Osborn joins us and brings us the topic ONE HIT WONDERS. To make it more interesting, we each pick four favorite one hit wonders PLUS one song we consider a ONE HIT BLUNDER.

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Episode 205 – Tyson Leslie

Tyson Leslie on keys

This week Tyson Leslie returns to the show to talk with us about his recent stint on the Monsters of Rock Cruise. Dennis and Bill have their usual album acquisitions and Allen has a concert review.

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