Episode 035 – Put Up Or Shut Up

After having listened to KISS fans complain about the “same old stale setlist” we thought it would be fun to share what we each thought would be our ultimate KISS setlist. We set the limit at 20 songs. With more than 20 studio albums in their catalog, choosing just 20 songs is tougher than you think. What 20 songs would you choose?

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Episode 034 – Is Rock And Roll Still Dangerous?

This week our topic comes from Allen’s friend Chuck Gee, founder of Kick Acts Magazine (kickacts.com). In this episode, we talk about how much concerts have changed from when we were teens (in the 80s) to today.

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Episode 033 – Dennis’ Dumb and Dumber Moment

When we began recording this episode, the planned topic was going to be “Is Rock and Roll Still Dangerous?” but Mother Nature had other plans and the recording got cut short so we went with it and we’re bring you a very short show this week.

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Episode 032 – Ages Of Rock Has A Close Encounter

This week we discussed being visited by aliens and to save us from the probes, we must each give them 5 albums to explain Rock & Roll… Do we get out of this pain free? We’ll have our usual rock talk and, for the first time, we’ll be playing our new game “Yank It or Crank It”!

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