Episode 279 – Jack Frost (Brothers In Arms)

Photo courtesy of Jack Frost

Guitarist Jack Frost shares how his new project “Brother in Arms“ came to be. If Covid did anything it was to inspire musicians to work with their friends to create some great new rock and roll. Rock is NOT dead it’s right here!

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Episode 278 – Mammoth WVH Concert Discussion

Wolfgang Van Halen at the Mercury Ballroom in Louisville, KY – September 14, 2021

This week long time listeners David Cathey and Bryan Harris join Dennis and Bill to talk about our road trip to Louisville to see Mammoth WVH. At the beginning of the episode Allen gives a quick synopsis of his thought about the show and puts a little Wofgang audio treat in before the episode starts.

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Episode 277 – Rik Fox (Steeler & WASP)

Photo supplied by Rik Fox

This week Rik Fox joins Bill and Allen for a discussion about everything from his work in an emergency response team to Steeler to WASP to his friendship with Eric Carr and more. Find out what Yngwie Malmsteen said during the early days of Steeler. Find out how the name of the band WASP came about. Find out Rik’s thought about how Eric’s makeup character evolved from the hawk. Find out why Rik refers to himself as the Forrest Gump of rock.

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