AGES OF ROCKNPOD 3 – The Interviews

ROCKNPOD 3 – The Interviews

Michael Sweet

Bill talks with Michael Sweet about everything from Styper to Sweet/Lynch to Boston and more.

David Ellefson and Thom Haezart

Allen talks briefly with David Ellefson and Thom Haezart about their music project, coffee, and their record label.

Thee Rock & Roll Residency

Thee Rock & Roll Resiency takes over the Ages of Rock Podcast at ROCKNPOD 3.

Robert Bentley

Allen has a quick discussion with Robert Bentley about being a Gene Simmons impersonator.


Bill talks with members of the Australian band Kaato.

Andre Labelle, Roxy Blue, and Jeff Buehner

Allen talks with professional drummer Andre Labelle and members of Roxy Blue and Bill talks to The Loyal Order’s Jeff Buehner.

Pump5’s Steve Barnett

Pump5’s Steve Barnett comes all the way from California to talk to Bill, oh and the other podcasters too.

Rick Ruhl & Ziggy Goldsby

Dennis talks to Every Mother’s Nightmare’s Rick Ruhl and Allen talks to Ziggy Goldsby about American Outlaw Guitars.

I Love It LOUDcast’s Peter Cecere

Peter joins us for a few minutes to give his thoughts about the ROCKNPOD Expo and everyone who attended.

We had a great time interviewing everyone and socializing with our fellow podcasters. We are already looking forward to ROCKNPOD 4!