2021 ROCKNPOD Interviews

It took me longer than I was anticipating, but I finally got the 2021 ROCKNPOD interviews uploaded for your listening pleasure. Enjoy! (Allen)

While Allen gets things ready for the ROCKNPOD interviews, Dennis and Bill have a Rock N Pod kick off discussion.

On Saturday, August 7, 2021, we were given the opportunity to host a live podcast and audience Q & A session with former MTV VJ and current SiriusXM DJ Mark Goodman at the ROCKNPOD Expo in Nashville, TN. Among other things, he answers questions about the early days of MTV and what it was like to be on the air when he learned of John Lennon’s murder.

Tora Tora frontman Anthony Corder takes Bill on a great ride about the new music Tora Tora is working on. Anthony is one of his favorites of all time… such a great dude!!

Jeremy and Ryan stop by to chat with Allen and Bill. Check out what these cool cats are up to now!

The reunited Saving Abel chats about their new EP Shade of Grace 20 Year Songs.

Dennis spends some time the drummer and motivational speaker Sandy Genarro. Very dynamic discussion and they cover a lot in a short period of time.

Hart and Huntington tattoo artist Lea Vendetta sits down with Bill to talk about her debut singing gig and her career.

Tracy McAndrew is the behind the scenes organizer who helped make this ROCKNPOD run so smoothly. Allen took a few moments to talk with her near the end of the day.