SPECIAL EDITION: Kruisefest and Living In Sin Recaps

2019 Kruisefest and Living In Sin Lives Again Recap

Allen caught up with Joe D’Angelo after KISS Kruise IX so Joe could give a recap of Kruisefest. After that, he caught up with Andy Moyen so Andy could give a recap of the Living In Sin at the Holiday Inn event.

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Episode 191 – KISS Kruise IX Recap

KISS Kruise IX Recap

This week we talk about an Iron Maiden issued cease and desist order and album acquisitions. Allen recaps his KISS Kruise IX experience. Prior to Allen’s recap, Podcast Rock City’s Joe Polo and Allen have a brief chat (recorded on the ship) about the cruise from Joe’s perspective as a KISS Kruise veteran and Allen’s as a KISS Kruise newbie.

Check out Allen’s KISS Kruise Photo Album: https://www.facebook.com/bigalrocks/media_set?set=a.10217282550469792&type=3

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Episode 190 – Steven Todd Barnett

Pump5’s Steven Todd Barnett

This week we have a great interview with Pump5 Frontman Steven Todd Barnett! Straight talk from a guy who has spent his life in music! This is one interview that you don’t want to miss.

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Episode 189 – Gary Corbett

Photo courtesy of GaryCorbettMusic.net

Gary Corbett joins us this week to discuss his new website, YouTube discoveries as well as some very rare stories about playing with KISS in the 90’s. Album Acquisitions and a lively discussion about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominees start the show!

Visit Gary’s Website: https://garycorbettmusic.net/

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Episode 188 – Sunday Morning Shenanigans

We were supposed to be interviewing a European band that’s currently touring in the US but someone in their PR firm dropped the ball or flaked on us so this week, we’re just talking about recent music news as well as upcoming events. Dennis and Bill also discuss their Album Acquisitions.

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