Episode 231 – The Great Affairs

Everybody Moves, Nobody Gets Hurt – Available Everywhere on October 2

“Everybody Moves and Nobody Gets Hurt” is the catchy title of the awesome upcoming “The Great Affairs” album. The fact that Denny and Kenny are both huge KISS fans was icing on the cake for us. After checking out the podcast be sure to grab the album and listen to the new tunes, available on Friday Oct. 2nd. Visit http://www.thegreataffairs.com/ to order your copy.

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Episode 230 – Ozzy Osbourne’s Blizzard of Ozz 40th Anniversary Review

Podder Than Hell’s Steven Wright Joins Us

The 40th anniversary album reviews continue this week with Ozzy’s first solo project, Blizzard of Ozz. Podder Than Hell’s Steven Wright joins us and he brings a lot of great info about this record! Give it a spin!

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Episode 228 – Mr. Speed’s Rich Kosak

Mr Speed

Dennis couldn’t be there this week when Rich joined us to talk about the band’s new stage and costume designs and some other things. Dennis was present when we recorded our normal preshow discussion, including a mini-discussion about the late Frankie Banali.

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Episode 227 – Ronja Kaminsky from The Pinpricks

Ronja Kaminsky from The Pinpricks

This week Ronja from The Pinpricks, a band located in Germany, joins us. We hope she forgives Allen for mispronouncing her name during the introduction.

The Pinpricks Official Website: https://www.thepinpricks.de/

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