Episode 185 – Lipstick Generation’s Greg Troyan

Greg Troyan

This week we talk with Greg Troyan of Lipstick Generation about their cover of (and the video for) “Eyes of Love” by Eric Carr. We also talk a little about the recent passing of Eddie Money and Ric Ocasek. We also unveil the new name for Dennis and Bill’s vinyl collecting activities.

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Episode 184 – Styx Pieces of Eight Album Review

Styx – Pieces of Eight (1978)

This week we talk about Styx’s 8th studio album, Pieces of Eight, which celebrated an anniversary earlier in the week.

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Episode 183 – Chris Henderson of 3 Doors Down

Chris Henderson of 3 Doors Down joins Allen and guest co-host Matt Camp to discuss The Better Life Foundation, supporting the USO, and what’s coming up for 3DD.

The Better Life Foundation: https://www.thebetterlifefoundation.org/
3 Doors Down: https://www.3doorsdown.com/

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Episode 182 – Kyle Kruger Talks About the Movie Hair I Go Again

Hair I Go Again is available on DVD.

We do a movie review. Bill hits the jackpot on some records, Dennis and Allen spend last weekend with Iron Maiden and we have a guest. Kyle Kruger discusses his film “Hair I Go Again.” Lots of rock on this episode.

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Episode 181 – Vertical Horizon’s Donovan White

Pic by: Goodluckroadphotography

It’s all about who you know! Donovan White from Vertical Horizon sits down to talk about how he got this gig without an audition before the first live show. Plus his admiration for podcasts runs deep. This hour will fly by!

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